Free Version

This Basic pack is completely free and fully functional under Windows — will not expire — no nagware or spyware. Operating system required is Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Basic Program Package is available in several languages and contains the following books. (Compare this with the list of books on the DVD.)

  • the Online Bible Edition 4.30.00 (Unicode Version)
  • the Pocket PC Online Bible Program
  • King James Authorized Version Bible
  • Easton's Dictionary
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • Greek and Hebrew Lexicons
  • OLB Theme Index
  • Morning and Evening Devotional

But there is more ...

The download library contains  a huge range of extra titles for you to download as an addition to the basic package. Once you open this page and hover over the 'downloads' menu link, you will see the options of 'Commentaries', 'Dictionaries', 'Books' etc.

You can freely install and use these on any Windows system. 

The resources available here include many Bible translations, Commentaries, Dictionaries, books plus an array of user submitted material. 

However, please be aware that you must download and install these extra books 'one at a time'. This takes both time and patience. 

In addition to all of the ready to use material there are several books as well as some Bible versions that require royalty payment to unlock (see here), notably NIV, NAS, NRSV, NLT and Amplified. 

Note: All locked material will need to be purchased whether you use the 'Free' version or the 2015 DVD Editions.