Installation Tips

Before we start...

We are the retail distributors, not experts on technical stuff. If you experience any problems, you need to check the two following links.

Check through the Frequently Asked Questions at the link below.

Or if you cannot find your answer there, try browsing through (or even posting to) the Online Bible forum at the link below.

Antivirus warning:

The following notice appears as you install upgrades:

Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro Systems, Zone Alarm, Kaspersky or other ativirus programs may prevent The Online Bible from installing correctly. If you encounter problems, reboot the computer in SAFE MODE (press F8 during reboot) and install The Online Bible. After the program is installed, reboot and The Online Bible should work with your antivirus software.

If running Windows 7 or Vista, you should download the free Microsoft Security Essentials and for maximum protection run all programs from a STANDARD USER ACCOUNT. Avoid using an ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT for your normal user account.

Installation on a Mac:

  1. Check that your Mac operates under Snow Leopard (10.6) or higher.

  2. Put your Online Bible DVD (released after September 2011) in the drive (older DVDs will not work).

  3. Start the onlinebiblewrapper.dmg with a doubleclick (a .dmg file operates like a virtual disk). Installing the wrapper installs the files needed to install and run the Online Bible.

  4. As soon as you see the OnlineBibleWrapper icon with a large yellow arrow under it pointing to Applications, drag and drop the OnlineBibleWrapper to the Applications icon.

  5. Start Finder and search under Applications for OnlineBibleWrapper.

  6. Drag and drop OnlineBibleWrapper to the Dock along the bottom of your desktop.

  7. After Online Bible Installs close the virtual dmg-drive in Finder under Devices by clicking the Eject icon (if you don't do this the installation will fail).

  8. Drag and drop the the file "setup.exe" from the DVD to the OnlineBibleWrapper on the Dock of your desktop.

  9. The installation and configuration of the Online Bible software will then start.

  10. After Online Bible is installed you may Eject the DVD.

  11. To close the Online Bible click File>Exit. This will preserve your settings for when you start Online Bible again.

  12. To relaunch Online Bible, click on the OnlineBibleWrapper in the dock and Online Bible will appear in a few seconds. 

Installation on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Check you have installed a current version of Wine.

  2. Put your Online Bible DVD (released after September 2011) in the drive (older DVDs will not work).

  3. If the installation does not start, run "setup.exe" from the DVD.

  4. The rest of the installation will operate as on a Windows computer.